Ever wondered what your bedroom wall will look like in blue, or green?

Now you can visualize it using RoomX!

It has never been easier to get inspiration while redecorating

Now you can visualize different wall colors in a photo of your room. It has never been easier to view the end result. 

Through artificiell intelligens RoomX identifies the wall in your photo. The only thing you need to do is to take or upload a photo and then pick and choose from 250+ colors. Share your color visualizations with your friends. to get ideas and inspiration. Save your photos for a room so that you easily can come back and find it later. When you find your dream wall color, use the NCS code for that specific color and visit your closest color store, linked from the app.

Choose from different colors

Now you can finally try out new wall colors in your own photos and visualize end result.

Save, share and inspire

Compare different colors and save them in your RoomX profile. Share with friends and family to get tips and tricks. Be inspired and inspire others!